Mining Museum Oroszlány

Just a few decades ago, mining operations near Oroszlány were in full swing. Today, not a single underground plant is active. Modern industrial facilities are taking over the place of these mementos of times past. The city is taking care of the characteristic buildings and is using them as museums - a gesture welcome by the various branches of science.

Underground Museum?

The buildings and their interiors show the facilities and workings of the mining plant as they really were. When the nearby mines were closed down, all the characteristic machines and relics were collected here. The exhibition revolves around the three main objects of the museum.

On the left of the entrance, visitors are greeted by a memorial. Plaquets here are reminders of the dangers of a miner’s work and those who lost their lives in the pits. Entering the building, the first exhibition unit gives an overview of the history of mining in Oroszlány, starting in 1937. The typical minerals of Vértes, the tools and instruments of the geologists and miners are found here. The miners’ work and formal clothing is also located here. Characteristic of mining towns are the brass bands – Oroszlány’s band was formed in 1945 and their relics can be seen here.The dispatcher centre as well as the head miner’s office are also located here.


In addition to the artefacts, the museum has numerous memorials as well


Not just machines, but other artefacts - journals, records and registries are also present

Dispatcher center

Many of the devices used to assist the work of the miners are still working today

Past the exit of the building, the so-called „F”-machines are lined up. They are the pride of domestic tunnel boring machine manufacturing on tracks. Hungarian engineers developed these beginning in the late fifties. In addition to these spectacular machines, numerous other apparatuses, the minecarts and engines on the original rails serve to show the auxiliary equipment of mining.

Boring machines

The development of the machines used in the mines can be seen here


The wire ropeway station is a distinctive industrial relic

Mining Train

Railway locomotives and wagons are also numerous here

Next up is the most spectacular building, the engine house and mining tower – today serving as a lookout. Vertical movement of the minecarts was done by a monumental recoiler, today found in its original location. During operation, the minecarts reaching the surface arrived at the power plant on a cableway. The station transferring the minecarts from the rails to the cableway is considered to be an industrial relic. The mines that closed are filled up for safety reasons and their entrances sealed. Getting to know the debth of the earth is therefore possible in the model tunnel, where the circumstances of mining are modelled realistically. During an exciting underground trip, the visitors are shown the safety equipment that serve to prevent collapsing and assist the miners in their work. Solutions to t series of other mining-related issues are also shown here – avoiding explosions, ventilation, lighting – as well as the precise method of extracting coal. Helmets are mandatory!

Lookout tower

Take a look at the forests of the Vértes from the lookout tower, once serving as the headframe

Sample Mine

One of the most characteristic sights is the underground reproduction of a section of the mines

Helmets are mandatory!

The section introdcing the underground work is so realistic that wearing helmets is mandatory (provided by the museum)

 Events and Photoshoots


The location is suitable for hosting a range of open-air events


Looking for an industrial background for your photos?
Bored of traditional wedding photos?

Unique experience

If you are looking for experiences you will be talking about for a long time

Do not touch? Do touch!

Almost all the objects exhibited at the mining facility of Majk are originals. Of course we have glass cabinets for the minerals and the musical instruments, but the machines and buildings were designed to be heavy duty, water- and shockproof... everything-proof, really. Even the phones. There’s only a few objects that cannot be touched. The only reason climbing on top them is forbidden is because then one might fall off!

  How to get here

Mining Museum of Oroszlány is on the outskirts of the town, a few hundred meters from the Camaldolese Hermitage, on the edge of a small forest. It is about 10 minutes from Majk – both by car and on foot. By car, take road 8119 (connecting Székesfehérvár and Tatabánya) and follow the signs.

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Mining Museum of Oroszlány, Majk

  2840 Oroszlány (Majkpuszta), Majk, Mine XX.
  Open: March 1st - October 30th, Wednesday - Sunday 10:00–18:00
       Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays are for scheduled visits.
  Booking (groups, events, photoshoots): +36 (34) 704-179, +36 (20) 281-3226
  Ticket prices: Adult: 1000 Ft, Discount: 500 Ft (we accept Duna-Gerecse Tourism card)
       Mine train complimentary ticket: 300 Ft, Lookout complimentary ticket 200 Ft

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